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VOGUE World is taking over the West End to kick off London Fashion Week

Last year, VOGUE World made its New York debut with a big fashion event on West 13th Street: Serena Williams showed up at the opening; 112 models strode to Madonna’s “Vogue” dance; Mikhail Baryshnikov gave a wonderful ballet performance; The Hadid sisters performed with Lil Nas X; There are also 80 marathon runners, eight female students from Howard University, and a cameo from Oscar the Grouch. And after the entertainment, ticket-buyers joined VOGUE editors and a host of top stars for a street party co-hosted by the world’s leading fashion brands: At the scene, you can see different brands of food trucks laid out Gucci cookies, Michael Kors X Katz’s Deli pastrami sandwiches, and Fendi baguettes……

The biggest stars of British theatre are helping to curate VOGUE World: in London, Stephen Daldry, along with director Emily Burns and producer Fran Miller, are coordinating the event. Above, Ian McKellen teaches models Kesewa Aboah, Jean Campbell and Alva Claire how to master the art of bowing.

In September this year, VOGUE will continue to present a theatrical production in London that contains the best of British culture and fashion. Created by BAFTA and Olivier award-winning director Stephen Daldry, whose credits include The Crown and Billy Elliot, the event will kick off London Fashion Week with a series of red carpets, dramatic performances and a catwalk extravaganza at the Theatre Royal’s Drury Lane. A selection of the Autumn/Winter 2023 collection is also on display.

With the support of the Royal Opera House, Andrew Lloyd Webbe and LW Theatre, the Royal Ballet and Lambert Dance Company (along with Naomi Campbell), every aspect of the performing arts will be represented at VOGUE World.

From Shakespeare to Stormzy, the gala paid tribute to British creatives from a variety of fields, including opera singers, supermodels, fashion designers and ballet dancers…… From Ian McKellen to Michaela Coel, Victoria Beckham to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, ticket-buying audiences will see some of the most talented people in the city at the same time.

Photographer Charlotte Wales introduced the VOGUE World concept in a series of photos taken by friends of VOGUE: Griff and Jorja Smith with Chineke! The orchestra poses at the Museum of Natural History. And out of the shot, an 80-foot blue whale skeleton hangs from the ceiling above them.

“I am delighted to be co-hosting VOGUE World for the second time in London,” said Edward Enninful, editor-in-chief of British VOGUE and editorial Director of VOGUE Europe. “For 107 years, British VOGUE has been focused on fashion, culture and the magic where the two meet. Now, with the help of industry-leading talent, we bring the content on the page to life to support the full range of creative arts in London. I can’t wait for everyone to join us for an unforgettable evening at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.”

Just like New York, VOGUE World in London will be a veritable fashion extravaganza, bringing together talent and fashion looks from emerging designers. Pictured are Victoria Beckham, TikTok celebrity Khaby Lame, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Deputy Mayor for Culture Justine Simons and the NHS Choir.

Here’s your chance to join VOGUE for this season’s events. Tickets for Vogue World: London have officially gone on sale to the general public. (Want priority access? Sign up for Vogue Club now. 100% of the net ticket proceeds will go towards funding London’s performing arts organisations, including the National Theatre, the Royal Opera House, Lambert’s Dance Company and the Royal Ballet. Anna Wintour, chief Content officer of Conde Nast and global editorial director of Vogue, affirms: “The arts are under threat in the UK and Vogue World is a timely reminder of how important they are, how much they are a vital part of our lives and how much they need our support.” In the meantime, those unable to make it to the West End can follow the event via a live stream from all Vogue websites worldwide.

The stars of stage and screen are set to shine at Vogue World: London, from Hamlet’s Kush Jonber to Bridgetown’s Simone ASHLEY to Heart’s Beat’s William Goh, as they gather at the Regency Cafe, where model Giselle Norman will take turns as a waitress. Are you ready to dress the celebrities in attendance that night? British Vogue fashion director Poppy Kane, contributing fashion editor Jack Boycott and the incomparable Harry Lambert.

If you are not yet a member of VOGUE Club, you can register now by clicking on the link below. Meanwhile, those who can’t make it to the West End in person will be able to follow the event via a live stream from all of VOGUE’s global websites.

Meet Frida Kahlo in the new DIOR collection

On May 20, in the light rain in Mexico City, DIOR 2024 early spring ready-to-wear series slowly kicked off.

This season DIOR creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri drew creative inspiration from the legendary Mexican female artist Frida Kahlo, and paid tribute to her iconic image in the design language, so that the artistic soul of this great woman came again in this big show.

The early spring show was held at the Museo Instituto de SAN Idfonso, the historical and cultural center of Mexico, where numerous archways appeared to divide time and space in light and shadow, and models walked through retro gardens and murals, telling the story of Frida Kahlo’s life.

As the best secondary school in Mexico at the time, Frida Kahlo was one of the few women who had the opportunity to study there. This is both the place where she once practiced and the place where her life changed.

It was in the theater of the college that Mexican painter Diego Rivera created the mural Creation, which started the Mexican mural movement. Diego Rivera is both Frida’s mentor and the love of her life, and under his influence, Frida embarked on the path of art.

It can be said that the Accademia SAN Idfonso is the source of inspiration for this DIOR early spring readymade collection. Maria Grazia Chiuri felt the guidance of Frida Kahlo through history between the magnificent frescoes and the natural scenery of this academy, and painted a new picture about the transformation and rebirth of women.

In the DIOR 2024 early spring ready-to-wear collection show, we can see that each model’s eyebrows are painted long and thick, with a firm look full of strength and strong will, which is thanks to Frida Kahlo’s personality and deeply rooted personal image, laying the foundation for the styling of this season.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director of DIOR women’s wear, paid deep tribute to the personal attitude of this great female artist in dressing. In the Mexican traditional Tehuana dress with strong Frida style, the traditional sleeveless blouse Huipil and long dress were developed.

Tehuana comes from the hometown of Frida’s mother, Oaxaca State in the southeast of Mexico. As a dress worn by women during festivals, Tehuana reflects the power and power of local women, which naturally becomes the love of Frida, who loves to express her personal attitude through clothes and shapes.

Maria Grazia Chiuri reharmonized this traditional dress with the modern dress style, she retained the sense of power and matched it with a wider variety of modern women’s pieces, not only long skirts, but they can also communicate a more powerful feminine attitude with trousers, with denim fabrics.

In addition, since the age of 19, Frida has been wearing men’s three-piece suits as a way to break with the traditional female image and declare an independent spirit that is more than the stereotype.

In 1947, after ending her love affair with Diego Rivera, she resolutely cut off her long hair, put on a suit again, and left the classic “Self-Portrait after Cutting Hair”, announcing her renewed sense of female independence.

Taking inspiration from Frida’s gender-breaking avant-garde looks, Maria Grazia Chiuri presented this season’s unisex suits that are both feminine and firm, celebrating the female artist’s progressive and progressive growth years.

In addition, in DIOR’s pre-spring 2024 ready-to-wear collection, we can also see many looks that directly pay tribute to Frida herself.

Whether it’s a black embroidered gown, a vibrant pink gown, or a dress with a local embroidered waistcoat, Maria Grazia Chiuri pays tribute to Frida Kahlo and continues her sartorial spirit through modern design with this season’s early spring collection.

“If I have wings to fly, what do I need feet for?” Frida wrote in her diary in 1953.

Beneath Frida Kahlo’s exuberant demeanor lurks a lot of bitterness. She suffered from polio at the age of 6, and had a car accident at the age of 18, which required lifelong crutches. Therefore, the butterfly became the messenger of her free will, flying in her works of different periods.

In the three videos released by DIOR before the show, Maria Grazia Chiuri collaborated with the famous Italian art historian Filippo Cosmelli to visit the Museo Frida Kahlo, the Louvre in Paris, the Capitoline Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Naples, Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s butterflies, we embark on a journey to find butterflies in numerous artworks.

The butterfly is a symbol of both death and rebirth in local culture. Maria connected Frida’s strong free temperament with the butterflies in European art works, designed a gorgeous painting about the transformation and rebirth of life, and let the butterfly fly freely throughout the series.

The colorful and varied morphing butterfly patterns add a touching touch of softness to the whole collection.

It’s perched on a cocoon of clothing like a precious jewel box, or hidden in gorgeous heavy work lace.

Or cleverly blend in with a variety of prints, hiding in Rui prints and bringing back the colorful art world with parrots, monkeys and strellis that light up Frida Kahlo’s paintings.

Moths also appear in the collection, which is inspired by the manuscript drawn by Andree Brossin de Mere in the Dior collection, completing an intertextual match with butterflies in the history of art.

We can see in the DIOR 2024 early spring ready-to-wear collection the vibrant colors of Mexico, which are skillfully blended with the multiple emotions about women, and give birth to the relaxed femininity in the close connection with the natural environment, and shine in the guidance of free will.

The big show surprised everyone at the end.

At the curtain call, a line of models in white dresses and red shoes entered the show. On the pure white dress, only the red blood embellishes different surprise details, which opens romance and poetry in the light rain in Mexico City.

As in previous seasons, Maria Grazia Chiuri invited a female artist to work with her on the collection, this time with Mexican artist Elina Chauvet, who created the white dresses.

These 20 poetic white dresses were embroidered with different patterns by her and 16 female embroiderers on DIOR Collection white cloth gowns created in Mexico City for the Paris Workshop.

In 2008, Italian performance artist Pippa Bacca started her artistic journey in a white wedding dress to declare peace, but was killed on the way. Elina was so moved by the experience that she created a series called Trust, which uses thin lines like blood to write poems about women on white dresses.

This is the predecessor of the final white dress of this big show, which more vividly turns design into the power of language and stays in the history of clothing.

In this early spring collection, we can see roses on these dresses, names, hopes and blessings, and a space salute to great art.

The one with the heart is a tribute to Frida Kahlo’s famous painting The Two Fridas, with the heart running through two dresses as a symbol of the pain she was going through.

The red shoes worn by the model pay tribute to Elina Chauvet’s most famous work “Red Shoes” series, which is inspired by Elina’s hometown of Chihuahua state in northern Mexico, as the hardest hit area of women’s problems, she uses red shoes to write the history of women’s grief, silently Shouting the pain of women’s fate.

It can be seen that Maria Grazia Chiuri’s cooperation with different artists allows us to see the attitude and power of women’s creation every time, connecting the past and the present through the fashion art, and using each season’s release as a stage to show the talents of female artists, so that more outstanding women can be seen.

This is the inheritance and transmission of female power in fashion, and she shows more diversified vitality in the form of clothing, so far.

The most beautiful dresses today are 3D flowers

Into the summer, have you ever felt that more and more people around you began to “spend” up?

In fact, flowers have always been an essential element in the fashion circle, from the red carpet couture dress to the daily street photo outfit, all kinds of flowers can always catch the eye.

This year, designers have taken the flower theme to a new “dimension”, with more sculptural 3D flowers “opening” on the dress.

For example, Magda Butrym, a talented designer from Poland, loves to use the 3D flower element, and roses in various materials are repeated in her eponymous label, covering everything from knitted dresses and chiffon shirts to handbags and high heels.

Although originally a niche designer brand, but with the Jennifer Lopez, Jennie, Elsa Hosk and other star supermodels over the cards, the current popularity is rising rapidly.

Indeed, Magda Butrym is arguably one of the most “iconic” brands to make three-dimensional flowers, especially its dresses, each of which is brought to life by the presence of these flowers.

In addition to Magda Butrym, 3D flowers can also be seen in a number of Mango dresses.

Whether it is chest, neck, or sling, the original ordinary skirt has an instant personality because of the addition of these flowers, as if to go out with nature.

There was also no shortage of 3D flowers on this year’s show, Caroline Herrera’s spring/Summer 2023 show, where black three-dimensional roses gave the whole dress a charming and dangerous atmosphere.

The same goes for Zimmermann’s resort collection, where the long pink dress was covered from end to end with prominent flowers and individual petals, making the dress more tender and sweet.

In other Zimmermann collections, three-dimensional flowers transformed into another form appeared on one shoulder of the model, which also looked full of vitality.

AlessandraRich made 3D flowers appear on the chest strap of the split dress, and the three-dimensional roses complement the printed roses on the dress body. The flower decoration on the front of the wrist and the waist makes the dress more flexible.

This black dress of Cing a sept is also the same idea, placing the black rose in the chest, not only breaks the stiff black dress, but also shows the mature and sexy side of women, expressing romantic characteristics.

Hailey Bieber is also fond of them, whether it is sexy short skirts or gentle long skirts, there is no lack of three-dimensional flowers embellished.

Leonie Hanne loves a variety of high-saturation colors, and she chose a rose pink skirt for a bright, summery look.

Bella Hadid’s yellow leather dress was combined with roses to give the dress a strong texture and add a bit of edge.

So, this year’s hottest and most beautiful dresses have flowers on them, so for us ordinary people, how should we choose and match? Here are three tips that might help.

If you do not want to have too many flowers on your dress, or feel that only one flower is enough, then the size of the flower is best to be larger, and the position should be more eye-catching, so that it is more visual impact.

In general, the entire chest area is the most noticeable part, and all it takes is a single blooming rose to instantly make your outfit stand out.

But there are always some brands that take the unusual path and choose to use other kinds of three-dimensional flowers.

For example, Loewe’s white floral dress, which Zendaya just wore, has been trending on social media. A white dress embellished with white palm sets off the beauty of Zendaya.

However, too large white palm flower also means mobility inconvenience, if you want to wear in daily life, you can choose a slightly smaller, will be more light.

There is the most famous Chanel camellia in the fashion circle, and the skirt is set with a small flower, which looks very fresh and elegant.

Dries Van Noten’s flowers have also always been famous, designer Dries Van Noten himself is also known as the “gentleman of flowers” because of his love of flowers, in the documentary about him, whether at home or in the studio, flowers are everywhere, and these flowers are also applied to his clothing, with a second life.

The ruffled flowers of the brand’s spring/Summer 2023 collection bloom on the shoulders of the models, which are loud and high-profile, with an aggressive beauty.

There is Cynthia Rowley, three-dimensional flower decorative dress and suit jacket collocation, both in terms of color and texture have a strong sense of collision, the front and back length of the dress is also because of the presence of three-dimensional flowers become full of vitality.

As the saying goes, “a single flower is not spring, a hundred flowers blooming spring garden”, a single flower is already very beautiful, but the flowers are often more amazing dress.

At this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, Zendaya wore one of the most talked about looks on the red carpet in a custom-made pink gown by Valentino, which was covered in three-dimensional roses.

Valentino has a long history of using flowers to create fashion. In previous years’ series, you can often see beautiful dresses made of flowers, with bright flowers blooming freely.

Schiaparelli’s Autumn/Winter 2022 couture collection with three-dimensional flowers was also stunning, and there were many dresses that are still impressive, whether it is a three-dimensional flower dress cast in metal, or a black velvet dress surrounded by colorful flowers, each piece is like a work of art.

The most classic is the 2007 spring/Summer collection released by Lee Alexander McQueen in Paris in 2006. Near the end of the show, closing supermodel Tanya Dziahileva made her entrance, and as she walked, flower petals occasionally fell from her dress.

It turned out that the dress was made of real flowers, which were installed an hour before the show in order to keep the flowers fresh for the show. And this dress of McQueen was preserved in the museum after being restored, and also provided an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the three-dimensional flower dress design later.

Not only big brands, some independent designer brands are also very good at three-dimensional flowers “pinching”, For Love & Lemons is a honey brand from the United States, because it is good at making three-dimensional flower dresses.

Open its home official website, you will find that the dress covered with three-dimensional flowers can be seen everywhere, just look at the picture, the mood will become better.

Chinese designer SUSAN FANG, who made a spectacular appearance at this year’s fashion Week, also showed her obsession with three-dimensional flowers, embellishing dresses with dense flowers to bring the beauty of nature to fashion.

If your dress itself does not have three-dimensional flowers, you can also choose some flower accessories to decorate, so that not only can flexibly determine the location of flowers, but also stimulate our creativity and enhance fun.

Fan Jinghan, who recently appeared on the cover of VOGUE’s May issue, wore a three-dimensional floral necklace from Chinese independent designer Sultry Virgin around her neck, giving her purple dress an innocent feel.

You can even tie necklaces around your waist to make a transition between the skirt and top, which will also make the whole look more interesting.

Jisoo, who recently made his solo debut, also provides a lot of reference for us. Since the single “flower” itself is flower themed, her song costume is full of floral accessories.

There are also flowers in the palm of the hand, appearing in such unexpected places, rather than simply appearing on the skirt more memorable points.

Even the manicure is in the shape of flowers, which matches the pink dress better. It also inspired us to discover more about the possibilities of flowers and dresses.

In short, about the romantic expression of flowers on the dress, everyone has different imagination and views, I hope that these three-dimensional flowers blooming on the dress can bring you a beautiful and changeable image, as well as want to get close to the happy mood of nature.

DELVAUX made POMPONS with passion

Delvaux presents two new works, continuing the classic brand style, creating a different touch with ingenuity, releasing colorful ideas, and enjoying the freedom of fun.

The sincere joy of being born, the precious childlike wonder, the bright mood and endless possibilities of summer approaching. These little moments of sweet thoughts are captured by Delvaux Pompons, and the moment of joy is frozen.

Delvaux Pompons are colorful and hand-crafted in Supple Calf leather, combining Delvaux’s meticulous craftsmanship with unexpected playfulness, Reinterpreting two of Delvaux’s iconic works, the Brillant PM Bag and the Pin Mini Bucket bag. In the sand of the Flemish region of Belgium, children often make bright paper flowers for sale along the coast, Delvaux Pompons series is inspired by this, intended to highlight the wonderful temperament of Delvaux Pompons innocence and refinement.

The Pin Mini Bucket Pompons bag is decorated with colorful leather flower balls in aloe green, sky blue, fairy pink, sand dune and sherba yellow, while the Brillant PM bag retains the basic outline and the front is decorated with tasseled pompoms. Pompons design is full of whimsy, mature technology is indispensable. Each pompom is cut from Supple Calf leather with a thin fringe and then hand-rolled and secured to the outside of the bag, creating a pleasing bouquet of stacked petals. Each Pin Mini Bucket Pompons bag takes at least seven hours to secure by hand.

Pompons is a limited release for summer 2023. The Pin Mini Bucket Pompons bag is available in a variety of coloured pompoms in aloe green and sherba yellow. Brillant PM wraps in bright white color with beautiful pompoms.

Delvaux Pompons strives to create collectible pieces that can be adapted to the seasons and last for a long time, so that you can inject inspiration and add flair to your clothes.


Founded in Brussels in 1829, Delvaux is the oldest luxury leather goods family in the world, and to this day, the workshop continues to innovate, never stopping to innovate design and craftsmanship.

Delvaux was the inventor of the modern handbag, filing the first leather handbag patent in 1908.

Among its more than 3,000 rich historical archives, Delvaux’s most iconic works are named: The Brillant Bag (1958), The Tempete bag (1967), The Pin bag (1972) and The Lingot Bag (2022).

From Rue Saint-Honore in Paris, to New Bond Street in London, to Fifth Avenue in New York, Casa Delvaux boutiques are located in well-known landmarks around the world, and all 60 boutiques are unique and unique.

In 1883, Delvaux became a supplier to the Belgian royal family, always committed to presenting Belgian culture and values.

Jaeger-lecoultre and YIYUN KANG present 3D Video sculpture “ORIGIN”

Jaeger announced the new cooperation with South Korean digital media artist Yiyun Kang to continue to expand the boundaries of innovation and culture and open a new chapter in the Hong Kong Studio “Made of Makers”.

Expand the dialogue between watchmaking and art

Jaeger-lecoulasse’s series of collaborations with artists, designers and masters of craft outside the field of fine watchmaking aims to enrich the dialogue between watchmaking, craft and art, with a particular focus on outstanding artists who are in line with the philosophy of the Grand Workshop, who value creativity, achieve craftsmanship, pursue precision, focus on nature, and explore new forms of expression in special materials and media. These artists, like the masters of Jaeger-Lecoulasse, respect the past and base their creativity on it. In 2023, Jaeger-Lecoultre will further explore the world of contemporary art with a new collaboration.

Express unique artistic vision with extraordinary skills

Hong Chan-Sun Yiyun Kang is one of the most active South Korean digital media artists in the international art scene today, as well as a highly respected teacher and researcher, she is known for her immersive audiovisual installations that reshape space through moving image and sound.

Through her artistic practice and research, Yiyun Kang has explored the convergence of art, technology and experience, aiming at presenting what she describes as “the intermediate state between the finite and the infinite, the real and the non-real, the superficial and the deep, the nothingness and the existence”. Using visual art as a medium of communication, she uses her work to provoke people to think about where boundaries are and what boundaries mean for humanity and the major issues facing the world today.

Through the innovative light sculpture projection art form, Yiyun Kang’s works have surpassed the traditional screen and skillfully integrated the symbiotic relationship between moving image, narrative and space. From relatively small-scale works designed for indoor environments to large-scale works of art created for outdoor public Spaces, the sense of space, dimension and time are dissolved and reconstructed, producing awe-inspiring artistic effects, and these immersive atmospheres allow the audience to become an “insider” who steps into another dimension. The fractal geometry moves and floats in a seemingly organic way, giving each piece an elegant and fluid verve that inadvertently reveals its natural nature. Just like the watchmaking process, rigorous thinking, precise mathematical calculation and extreme precision make the works present a unique beauty.

3D video sculpture inspired by the “Golden Ratio”

Each year, Jaeger-Lecoult commissions artists to create works in their own unique way through the “Master Art” collaboration, highlighting and enriching the corresponding themes related to the Jaeger-Lecoult Workshop in a new way. In order to better interpret The significance of the theme of “The Golden Ratio” for Jaeger Hong Kong in 2023, Yiyun Kang visited the Jaeger Hong Kong Workshop in Ru-Sun Valley, Switzerland, and gained an in-depth understanding of Jaeger Hong Kong and its innovative concepts and extraordinary watchmaking skills.

“To witness the production process of the Reverso series at Jaeger-Lecoultre is breathtaking. As an artist who pursues the fusion of creativity and technology, I am very interested in the ‘golden ratio’ principle followed by the prototype design of the Reverso series of watches, and I try to explain through scientific research why humans have been attracted by this concept for centuries, “the artist said,” Jaeger inspired me and made me continue to explore. Connect your digital space with the natural world.”

A new art work “Origin” commissioned by Jaeger-Lecoultre was born. “Origin” is presented on a large three-dimensional screen in a public space, paying tribute to the ubiquitous “golden ratio.” This installation aims to create a link between natural symmetry and the geometric patterns of art Deco design.

Hong Chan-Sun said, “There are shocking examples in nature and the ‘Phi’, or golden ratio, in organisms is real.” The golden ratio is not just an accepted aesthetic symbol, we are attracted to the golden ratio perhaps because it determines the origin of life and is rooted in the evolution of life. From this point of view, the golden ratio has more important significance for us.

The first exhibition in Chengdu is about to open, and the global tour is exciting

Origin will be shown for the first time in Chengdu at the end of May, and will then embark on a world tour to Jaeger-Lecoultre themed events in South Korea, Singapore, New York and Zurich.

Introduction to “Made of Makers”

The theme of “Master Art” brings together many artists, designers and craft masters from different fields outside watchmaking, committed to deepening the dialogue between watchmaking and art on the basis of core values such as ingenuity, professional skills and precision pursuit that inspire Jaeger-Lecoultre to keep moving forward, especially in line with the concept of Grand Workshop. A world-class artist who explores new forms of expression in particular materials and mediums. Each year through this program, Jaeger-Lecoulasse commissions works for the Jaeger-Lecoulasse global tour to highlight and enrich the subject, while creating new opportunities for the audience to engage in a broader dialogue about art, craft and design.

Hong Chan-Sun (Yiyun Kang)

Hong Chan-Sun Yiyun Kang is one of the most active Korean digital media artists in the international art scene today, known for his immersive audiovisual installations that reshape space through moving images and sounds. Yiyun Kang graduated from Seoul National University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting. She then went on to further her studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and received her doctorate at the Royal College of Art in London, where she became a visiting lecturer. Yiyun Kang is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) In addition to her art practice, she is currently an assistant professor at the School of Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology and Director of the Experience Design Lab, where she works through diverse research and practice. Pursue the true integration of art, design, technology and science.

Hong Chan-Sun’s works have been exhibited in Europe, Asia and the United States She has also participated in international events such as the Venice Architecture Biennale and the Shenzhen New Media Art Festival. Between 2015 and 2016, she was part of a residency program at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), where her site-specific artwork was included in the museum’s permanent collection; In 2017, she won the “Red Dot” Award for exhibition Design for her exhibition “Deep Surface”; In 2020, she participated in the transcontinental contemporary art project “Connect, BTS”. Yiyun Kang held a solo exhibition titled Anthropause at PKM Gallery in Seoul in 2021 In 2022, she participated in the Cubically Imagined group exhibition that toured Paris, Hong Kong, Moscow, Beijing, New York and Washington DC.

As an academic researcher, Yiyun Kang’s research book explores new features of digital projected moving image artworks and is published by MIT Press and Oxford University Press. She was awarded the British Council Alumni Award for Culture and Creativity in 2022 and has attended an official conference hosted by the UK Government’s Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport. She is frequently invited to speak at international conferences and at leading institutions and companies in the fields of art, design and technology.

Louis Vuitton autumn/Winter 2022-2023

Nicolas Ghesquiere of Ephebe himself has created an artistic story about the wonders and artistic achievements of the younger generation. The collection has been exhibited at the Musee d ‘Orsay in Paris. The Museum of Impressionist Masterpieces sees one of the new generation of Ephebes Impressionist masterpieces today. Even in the past, “Ephebes” was a name used for young people who were finding their way as artists, poets, musicians or soldiers. The word combines Greek elements: the prefix denotation means “open” or “in” and he is, meaning “early years” or “youth.”

Today, the genderless or pretend generation craves discovery, art, philosophy, music, poetry and an understanding of life. Oversized jackets, dresses, shirts, men’s style look is Ephebes’ line. Today’s beautiful creative story told by ephebe explorer Nicolas Ghesquiere.

“Reconnect with the instinct to not have regular clothes. A special moment belongs to the growing years, the formative years. Louis Vuitton hopes to relaunch an important and groundbreaking journey with its fall/winter 2022-2023 women’s ready-to-wear collection. Into a palpable, fleeting, defining moment, everything comes to the surface, with innocence and insight. The impermanence and beauty of adolescence.

Test. Try. Play it. Understanding. Yearning. Be eager to… I want it all. There is no limit. Have the world at your feet. Embrace everything and see taste as personal structure — for character is destiny. Freedom is everything. There are no directives or barriers.
This collection is dedicated to youth, and hopefully it will retain the unsolved poetry of adolescence as much as a flawless piece of clothing – full of vivid romanticism, inspiring idealism, hope for the future, hope for a better world, and the dream of perfection.”

Schiaparelli Autumn/Winter 2022-2023

“What I love most about working in fashion is that a single idea can spark dozens of efforts and lead to months of execution. Last fall, on the eve of the opening of our first permanent store in Bergdorf Goodman, New York, I sat down and spent about 40 hours freehand drawing an XNUMX foot-long drop cloth with Maison’s code printed on it: Body parts, padlock keyholes, measuring tape and jewelry are painted in black ink on bone calwards — the finished canvas is both the tablecloth for that evening’s dinner and the starting point for this season’s creativity.

If fashion is the creativity of artistic expression, then this ready-to-wear collection is the application of art; Applied to real life, to the needs and desires of customers, and to the exciting evolution of Maison Schiaparelli as a modern luxury brand. We inherited the disciplined palette from couture; This season, we decided to communicate only in black, bone white and Schiaparelli gold, the better to let the clothes – their shapes, their cuts – do the talking. The goal is perfection, a perfection born of rigour: what is the perfect dress, the perfect sweater, the perfect coat? I wanted to know not only what makes a piece perfect, but what makes Schiaparelli perfect. You’ll find the answer in pieces such as a beveled satin halter skirt with a sun-ruffled bust, or a satin mini dress with hammer-gold piercings and black leather LACES, or a 1927 sweater recreating Elsa Schiaparelli’s first lamb fleece jacquard trompe l ‘oeil – reworked in rows here.

I’ve thought a lot about the basic elements of the collection, and I mean that in two ways – not just the basic, but the elements that make up the basic vocabulary of Schiaparelli’s wardrobe. So while Planet Schiaparelli is a place of discipline, it is also a place of luxury. Here you have a snow-white fleece coat that falls over the ankle (complete with a trompe l ‘oeil corset sewn to the chest), fleece heels, a faux mink embroidered wrap top, a black leather gown with hinged anatomical parts, and our signature Secret Bag, Redesigned in alligator skin, Schiaparelli gold and embroidery for the season. In fact, the house’s now iconic code has been re-conceived — and enhanced — throughout. The 3-D bone pattern from the Dali era now appears in inlaid form in a simple boat pencil skirt. My renderings of pigeons, padlocks, the anatomy of the human body itself – have been scanned and embroidered with matte cotton yarn on denim (a nod to the most Parisian house to America). The leather scroll “S” from the archives has been copied directly onto the classic inky black wool crepe double-breasted coat.

After three years of my tenure, my least favorite question became “Who is the Schiaparelli woman?” What a stupid, lazy question! I hope by now we know that the answer is “Who is not a Schiaparelli woman?” (In fact, she doesn’t have to be a woman at all.) For three months last fall, we had the privilege of dressing up First Lady Jill Biden, Cardi B, Regina King, Jeremy O. Harris, Lady Gaga and Adele, as well as a diverse clientele from around the world. Though often contradictory, Schiaparelli’s identity is one giant human collage with its own dreams, preferences and directions, even as it focuses on a single idea: intelligence. Our founder was a shrewd businesswoman, an evil wordsmith, and a visionary genius who saw far beyond the confines and boundaries of her time. By day, she’s a disciplined aesthetician with her own “tough fashion.” By night, though, she is a creature, a sphinx, even a turnip (as she once dressed for a masquerade party) : the living embodiment of her own surrealist art.

This ready-to-wear collection, and every ready-to-wear collection to come, is a meditation on this ambivalent identity. As with couture, the real and the unreal challenge each other here. Here, you usually find softness and seriousness in a garment. You’ll see the softness of hand-crocheted breasts, cuffs, and collars; You’ll see the severity of the molded chest tube, pointed like a hummingbird’s beak. Very gentle; This is barbaric. Which makes sense, because that’s how I feel most of the time these days. Every day I go out into the world wearing my own version of social armor; But beneath this armor is a real longing for touch, feeling, tenderness, vulnerability. (I often feel like a modern Edward Scissorhands, soft and sharp. Here you’ll find a tribute to this unlikely hero in Schiaparelli gold.) Ride the world, yes – but, again, dress to fall in love. Can’t we have both? Can’t we want both? Can’t we do both? At least on Schiaparelli, we can: Nothing is impossible here.

I want to end this note with gratitude. My most sincere thanks to the incredible collaborators, friends, customers and partners at Schiaparelli House who have supported me and made possible all the wonderful things we do. Your passion and enthusiasm is boundless to me and I feel so honored that so many of you have welcomed Schiaparelli into your hearts and homes.”

Daniel Roseberry, Creative Director of Schiaparelli

Balenciaga Autumn/Winter 2022-2023

Balenciaga 2022 “Garbage Bag”
Imagine yourself in winter, in a blistering snowstorm, suddenly feeling the urge to pick up litter…

It’s just. That’s the whole story of Balenciaga’s new collection: blizzards, things that look like Rick Owens (I’ll say clothes, but that’s such a big word, it’s definitely “stuff”), and your garbage bags.

In this way, the public watched all 360° garbage collection shows and watched models walking in the aquarium during a man-made snowstorm. I don’t know how interesting it is. It’s not my business that these kinds of shows show the rich and famous how the poor live in the snowy desert and how they throw away their trash.

I didn’t notice runway. Except for garbage bags, of course, but that’s not really a trend. We all remember this “Ikea bag” story from 2017, when Balenciaga copied the famous bag and offered $3,000. But it didn’t last long, and IKEA answered well. Now it’s absolutely safe — the trash bag is anonymous, there’s no designer — so… Next season’s “must-have” Balenciaga item.

Reflect on your life, don’t you, Demna? By the way, did you take out your garbage? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia declared before the show a dedication to Ukraine, immigrants, etc… Good words… It’s worth nothing. He started preparing the series 5-6 months ago. There is no war in Ukraine, no specific migration problem in Europe. So here we see another attempt to use the play to grab attention… It’s scary, isn’t it?

Oh yes, of course, Kim Kardashian in yellow “caution tape” or “mummy” looks like Balenciaga 2022-2023 autumn/winter runway at Le Bourget in Paris.

Valentino Fall/Winter 2022-2023 collection

Pierpaolo Piccioli’s new Valentino collection, “La Vie En Rose,” is a phosphor pink story for next winter. Everything is pink, illuminated by various shades of pink. This wonderful atmosphere of the show brings a lot of joy.

Pink is the color of love, community, energy and freedom. “Pink is a free form that probably doesn’t exist anywhere else in the color realm.” In this season’s show invitation, Pierpaolo Piccioli teamed up with renowned novelist, designer and visual artist Douglas Coupland to unravel the colors that define the collection, culminating in an exclusive booklet.

What’s new. Another fabulous collection has this beautiful cleavage line, which is like a wave. A couple of pink and black dresses, sweaters. And when it turns pink, it shows absolute purity and innocent beauty. Plums, oversized sweaters, embroidered mini dresses, floral appliques – everything is a story of romance, love, friendship, kindness and femininity. This is another very creative collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino.

Schiaparelli Fall Fashion 2022-2023

How wonderful John Galliano’s unique and elegant creations for Dior, Alexander McQueen and Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino. Wait… This is Schiaparelli, recycling a little bit.

I can tell at a glance which Dior or Valentino was used for embellishment (not even inspiration). But why bother? Will it change creative director Daniel Roseberry’s “recycling” process? No.

Daniel Roseberry recently wrote:
“I think we sometimes get defensive when our critics accuse us of just trying to make beautiful things. But what’s wrong with wanting to make beautiful things? Of course, it’s not the only important part of life, but it’s a part of life. Making something truly beautiful is actually not that easy. But it’s a privilege – and I’m grateful for it every day.” — Daniel Rothbury

Critics answer:
“I think we also sometimes feel defensive when we see designers who have the privilege of working in beautiful couture houses, shamelessly copying designs created by others, appropriating them and claiming their own glory. What’s the problem with trying to get this information out to the public and the people who buy these copies? It’s unfair to the designers who created them in the first place. Perhaps this is not the most important role of critics and critics in the media, but it is the right thing to do. That’s one reason, if you will. Identifying fakes, replicas, replicas is not easy, it requires a great deal of knowledge of designs created since ancient times, especially in the XNUMX century, and an impeccable memory to recognize and compare original designs and replicas.” – Eleonora de Gray

Jean Paul Gaultier designed the conical bra for Madonna. The concept of using underwear as outerwear and turning it into denim belongs to Jean Paul Gaultier. Any copy is just a copy and cannot be blamed on another designer. That’s what it says!