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Wrap Paris landmark Arc de Triomphe into artwork

Nearly 200 years of history of Paris Arc de Triomphe in Paris fashion week on the eve of a big transformation, it is not only a Paris landmark, but also fashion week regulars often pass by the place, the change of face opening in addition to a fashion week is coming to the revelation, the original is for the late parcel art master Christo complete the will.

In the upcoming world’s four major fashion weeks, the cities used to hold fashion weeks will be crowded with people at this time. Journalists, editors, celebrities, red stars and Kols from all over the world will gather here, which will also be accompanied by different parties and cultural activities. The atmosphere of the whole city will become lively because of the fashion week. Some cities are taking advantage of the fact that fashion shows have gone online and local landmarks have gone quiet.

During the spring/Summer 2022 fashion Week, many brands have returned to offline fashion shows, and the four places seem to have regained some popularity and vitality, while Paris Fashion Week will start in two weeks, its landmark Arc de Triomphe welcomed a “new look”.

Walking through the venue of Paris Fashion Week, you will have several chances to pass by the Arc de Triomphe every day, among which you are always working and visiting. For regular fashion Week customers, the Arc de Triomphe is like a friend you meet once every six months. No matter what the season and weather, it is always waiting for you to interview here every ten years.

Now the arch of Triumph suddenly appeared in a new image, completely wrapped in blue and silver cloth, originally to realize the wishes of the Bulgarian parcel art master Christo who passed away last year.

Born in Bulgaria in 1935, Christo is known for the art of wrapping public buildings. He moved to Paris in the 1960s to live near Napoleon’s Arc de Triomphe and has been trying to wrap one of France’s most iconic landmarks ever since. Among his works were “The Gate” in New York’s Central Park and wrapping the Reichstag. But when he died in May last year, leaving behind a sketch of the design for the Arc de Triomphe, he failed to fulfil his dream.

The plan to wrap the arch was conceived by Christo’s wife, Jeanne-Claude, and nephew, Vladimir Javacheff, with the support of the Pompidou Center and the French government, which fulfilled Christo’s last wish.

The war memorial arch, which took weeks of work and is wrapped in 25,000 square meters of silver-blue recyclable plastic, fulfills Christo’s dream of being a living object that is stimulated by the wind and reflects light.

This piece is a tribute to an artistic genius, a gift for all art lovers, and a revelation for the start of Paris Fashion Week.